Quad Tour and Lunch/Dinner


The emigrants Caro and Andreas

After an action-packed quad tour, one hears the stomach scream loudly for hunger. What feels better then eating as much as you want without getting fat!

This only exists with the strongest emigrants in Germany.

Caro and Andreas are preparing a special fitness buffet for you. But beware: These are not different salad variations, but real food, just healthy, high in protein and low in fat.

Of course we are flexible and can respond to special vegan or vegetarian wishes.

You can between

– Buffet breakfast
– Lunch buffet
– Evening buffet


By prior arrangement, you are welcome to meet the stars in person and take a picture with you. Caro and Andreas are looking forward to seeing you!


The prices:

Single Quad Tour + food for one person:
85, – € + 30, – € = 115, – €

Double Quad Tour + food for 2 persons:
100, – € + 60, – € = 160, – €

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